Executive summary                                                            I

1                      Introduction                                                                       1

1.1                   Purpose of the Report                                                    1

2                      Environmental Status                                                    2

2.1                   Project Area                                                                         2

2.2                   Environmental Sensitive Receivers                          2

2.3                   Major Construction Activities                                  2

2.4                   Monitoring Schedule of The Reporting Month 2

2.5                   Status of Environmental Approval Documents      2

2.6                   Summary of non-compliance with the environmental quality performance limits                                                          3

3                      Environmental Issues and Actions                          5

3.1                   Previous Environmental Deficiencies and Follow-up Actions   5

3.2                   Implementation Status on Environmental Protection Requirements     7

3.3                   Environmental Monitoring                                        7

4                      Future Key Issues                                                                 9

4.1                   Key Issues for the Next One Month                           9

4.2                   Impact Prediction for the Next One Month       9

4.3                   Works and Monitoring Schedule for the Next One Month 9



Table 2.1    Summary of Works Undertaken During the Reporting Period, between 15th April and 14th May 2006

Table 2.2    Summary of Environmental Licensing, Notification and Permit Status


Annex A    Water Quality Monitoring Stations, Water Quality and Ecological Sensitive Receivers

Annex B     Project Location

Annex C    Implementation Programme of Mitigation Measures

Annex D    Cumulative Complaints Statistics



This sixth monthly Environmental Monitoring and Audit (EM&A) report presents the EM&A works carried out during the period from 15th April 2006 to 14th May 2006 in accordance with the EM&A Manual.

Breaches of all Action and Limit Levels

No breaches of action or limit levels was occurred during the reporting month as no monitoring was undertaken. 

Complaint Log

No environmental complaint was received during the reporting period.

Notifications of any Summons and Successful Prosecutions

No environmental summon or prosecutions was received in this reporting period.

Reporting changes

There were no reporting changes in the reporting period. 

Future Key Issues


·       Noise from operating machinery and equipment;


·       Wastewater discharge (wet season);


·       Dust release and suppression.


1                                            Introduction

Leighton Contractors (Asia) Limited (LCAL) has appointed ERM-Hong Kong, Limited (ERM) as the Environmental Team (ET) to implement the Environmental Monitoring and Audit (EM&A) programme for the Permanent Aviation Fuel Facility (the Project) during construction works. 

1.1                                      Purpose of the Report

This is the 6th EM&A report which summarizes the monitoring results and audit findings for the EM&A programme during the reporting period from 15th April 2006 to 14th May 2006.


2                                            Environmental Status

2.1                                      Project Area

The project area is in Area 38 of Tuen Mun and the pipelines are located in Urmston Road between Tuen Mun Area 38 and Sha Chau.  The site is illustrated in Annex B.

2.2                                      Environmental Sensitive Receivers

No air and noise sensitive receivers were identified close to the project area.  However, water sensitive receivers and ecological sensitive receivers were identified in the EIA study, and are shown in Annex A.

2.3                                      Major Construction Activities

A summary of the major works undertaken in this reporting period is shown in Table 2.1. 

Table 2.1         Summary of Works Undertaken During the Reporting Period, between 15th April and 14th May 2006


Works undertaken

Tuen Mun Area 38

Fuel Tanks Construction

Permanent Drainage Construction

Construction of Site Drainage & Treatment System

Operational Building Construction

Landscaping Bund and Hydroseeding

2.4                                      Monitoring Schedule of The Reporting Month

No monitoring was conducted during the reporting period.  Water monitoring is expected to be commenced towards the end of the 2006 and dolphin monitoring was completed with the completion of piling activities.

2.5                                      Status of Environmental Approval Documents

A summary of the relevant permits, licences, and/or notifications on environmental protection for this Project as of 14th May 2006 is presented in Table 2.2. 

Table 2.2         Summary of Environmental Licensing, Notification and Permit Status

Permit/ Licenses/ Notification


Validity Period


Environmental Permit


Throughout Project

Issued on 2 August 2002


Variation of Environmental Permit



Throughout Project

Issued on 28 January 2004

Amended Environmental Permit



Throughout Project

Issued on 24 February 2004

Chemical Waste Producer Registration


WPN 5111-421-L2174-25

Throughout Project

Issued on 10 November 2005

Notification of Construction Works under Air Pollution Control (Construction Dust) Regulation



Throughout Project

Notification on 5 November 2005 (Tank Farm at TM Area 38, Jetty at Urmston Road and Fuel Pipeline

Construction Noise Permit


12 Nov 05 to

31 Mar 06

Issued on 7 November 2005, for Hydraulic Hammer (single acting) driving steel pile


Construction Noise Permit


7 Dec 05 to 31 Mar 06

Issued on 7 December 2005, for General Works (Welding) at Jetty Area


Construction Noise Permit


1 Feb 06 to 31 July 06

Issued on 26 January 2006, for General Works at Tank Farm Area


Wastewater Discharge License (industrial trade effluent)


Throughout Project

Issued on 15 March 2006

2.6                                      Summary of non-compliance with the environmental quality performance limits

Summary of Environmental Non-compliance

No environmental non-compliance was found during the reporting period.

Summary of Environmental Complaints

No environmental complaint was received during the reporting period.  A statistical summary of environmental complaints since project commencement is presented in Annex D.

Summary of Environmental Summons

No summons was received in this reporting period.  A statistical summary of legal proceeding since project commencement is presented in Annex D.


3                                            Environmental Issues and Actions

3.1                                      Previous Environmental Deficiencies and Follow-up Actions

As no environmental complaint was received over the last reporting period, no follow-up action was required.

Weekly site inspections were carried out by the ET on the 20th, 27th April 2006 and 4th, 12th May 2006.  Overall, the site was in good orderly manner and no non-compliance was found.  Environmental deficiencies and follow-up actions/mitigation measures were identified during the inspections, as follows:

Air Quality

·            No noticeable dust emission was observed during the stockpile loading activity and vehicle movement within the site, except during the site inspection on the 20th April 06 of which dust emission during loading and concrete breaking activities were observed.  The Contractor was should spray water regularly to the dusty activities;

·            Unpaved road appeared to be regularly wetted during the dry days.  The site in general was also regularly wetted with water sprayed to the dust generating activities, except the above;

·            Earth mounds (surcharge) and large stockpiles were covered to avoid dust emission;

·            Site entrance/exit was paved and wheel-washing facility was provided at the site exit to avoid dust deposit in the access road;

·            Main access road within the site (between site office and exit) was paved to avoid dust emission; and,

·            Hydroseedings were applied to the large stockpile and the landscape bunds during the 12th May 06 site inspection.


·            No noisy activity was found during the audit;

Water Quality

·            The capacity of the sedimentation tank and site drainage system was found inadequate for treating the wastewater generated on site after the heavy rainstorm, during the site inspection on the 27th April 06.  The Contractor was reminded not to discharge the effluent which contained high level of suspended solids as it would not comply with the effluent discharge standard stated in the effluent discharge license.  The Contractor re-constructed the site drainage and wastewater treatment system with larger capacity during the 4th May 06 site inspection;

·            Water pondings were found after rainstorm during the site inspections on 27th April and 4th May 06.  The Contractor should remove the water pondings soon after the rainstorm;

·            The site hoarding near the access road was sealed during the 12th May site inspection, to prevent potential wastewater runoff during the rainy days in the wet season;

·            The wastewater generated from the wheel-washing facility was reused ;

·            Manholes outside the site were free of sand; and,

·            Chemical toilets were provided on site.  Septic tank was installed to treat the sewerage from the site toilets.  No sewerage effluent discharge out of the site was made.

Waste Management

·            A Chemical Drum (with extracting equipment) was found without drip tray and label near the seaside during the site inspection on the 20th April 06.  Surrounded soil was found contaminated.  The Contractor should provide a drip tray for the drum and clear up the contaminated soil as chemical waste.  The drum was removed during the 27th April site inspection;

·            Chemical waste drums were found without labels in the chemical waste store near the seaside.  In addition, water was found accumulated in the drip tray of the waste stores on site during the 27th April, 4th & 12th May 06 site inspections.  The Contractor was reminded to provide labels for all the chemical waste containers and should ensure that the drip trays are free of water/chemical waste.  If the water within the drip tray appeared contaminated, such should be treated as chemical waste for disposal.  The chemical waste drums were labeled during the 12th May site inspection; and,

·            Chemical (purple liquid) was found in a non-sealed container on top of a chemical waste drum in the chemical waste store next to the site office.  The Contractor should store all chemical waste properly and keep the chemical waste stores tidy.

Landscape and Visual

·            The transplanted trees at the new site were in good and healthy conditions; and,

·            Hydroseeding was applied to the landscape bunds at the edge of the site.

Overall, the site was in a good orderly manner.  Suitable mitigation measures, such as the use of water truck regularly and tarpaulin covers should continuous be used to ensure dust emission is avoided on site. 

The ET will keep track on the EM&A programme to ensure compliance of environmental requirements and the proper implementation of all necessary mitigation measures.

3.2                                      Implementation Status on Environmental Protection Requirements

The implementation status of environmental mitigation measures and requirements as stated in the EIA Report, Environmental Permits and EM&A Manual during the reporting period is summarized in Annex C.

3.3                                      Environmental Monitoring

3.3.1                                Air and Noise

Air and Noise monitoring was not required for the project.   

3.3.2                                Water Quality

Water quality monitoring at the monitoring stations was not required as no dredging activity was taken place.

According to the wastewater discharge license (industrial trade effluent) issued by the EPD on 15th March 06, the Contractor is required to conduct grab sampling/analysis on SS at the discharge point(s) quarterly.  The sampling has not yet conducted during the reporting period. 

3.3.3                                Waste Management

Auditing the Contractor’s Waste Management Plan (WMP) is part of the EM&A requirements.  The Revision 1 of the WMP was submitted to EPD on 27th February 06.  Comments regarding the above WMP were issued by EPD on the 27th March 06.  The revised WMP (Revision 2) was certified by the ET and IEC, and submitted to the EPD on 3rd May 06.

3.3.4                                Cultural Heritage

As no dredging activity was conducted along the pipe trench during the reporting period, marine archaeological monitoring was not required.

3.3.5                                Landscape and Visual

According to the EIA report and EM&A manual, mitigation measures and site inspection are required during the landscaping/planting works.  Hydroseeding of landscape bunds was conducted on site during the reporting period.  The transplanted trees were in good and healthy conditions. 

The final version of landscaping plan was received by the ET on the 12th May 06.  The ET will review the plan.

The weekly site inspections included audits on landscape and visual issues to ensure that the site was in orderly acceptable manner.

3.3.6                                Land Contamination, Hazard to Life and Fuel Spill Risk

According to the EIA report and EM&A manual, mitigation measures and design phase audit are required to minimise the risk of fuel spill and hazards.

The Contractor submitted the Environmental Designs for the tank farm and fuel pipelines to the ET on the 24th April 06.  The review of the submissions by ET and IEC is still in progress.

Weekly site inspection covered the waste management aspects which included measures to prevent land contamination by chemical wastes.

3.3.7                                Ecology

Dolphin Visual Monitoring

No dolphin monitoring was conducted as there was no piling or dredging activities implemented during the reporting period.


4                                            Future Key Issues

4.1                                      Key Issues for the Next One Month

Key issues to be considered in the next one month will include:


·       Wastewater discharge;


·       Noise from operating machinery and equipment;


·       Dust release and suppression.

4.2                                      Impact Prediction for the Next One Month

Provided that environmental mitigation measures including good on-site practises are properly implemented, it is not expected that unacceptable adverse impact will arise.

4.3                                      Works and Monitoring Schedule for the Next One Month

Work programme for the next one month includes pile internal works (non-piling) and site works.  Weekly site inspections will be undertaken.